LDA Faces Criticism Over Organizational Changes

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Lahore Development Authority (LDA) Reorganization Sparks Concerns

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) recently announced a reorganization that has sparked concerns about the efficiency of the authority and its impact on citizens.

Firstly, under the new reorganization, Additional Director Generals (ADGs) will be assigned to head various directorates, leading to the amalgamation of wings with different functions. This has raised questions about the practicality and implications of such a decision, with some senior officers expressing their reservations.

Secondly, sources allege that the move is intended to favor certain ADGs who will now oversee directorates unrelated to their job descriptions. This has led to concerns that the reorganization is not in the best interests of the authority or the public.

Furthermore, the LDA Act 1975 designates the Director General as the Chief Executive of the Authority. However, the new reorganization sees the Commissioner of Lahore also performing the duties of the DG. This has raised concerns about the decision-making process, as the Commissioner is now responsible for both the LDA and the city of Lahore.

Although Commissioner Lahore and DG LDA, Muhammad Ali Randhawa, has defended the reorganization, stating that it was intended to address existing issues faced by the public. He clarified that the independence of wings would be restored after reviewing the LDA laws. He also emphasized that the reorganization was not intended to favor any specific individuals but was solely based on performance.

However, the concerns raised by senior officers and sources suggest that the reorganization may have unintended consequences. It is important to closely monitor the implementation of the reorganization and to ensure that it does not lead to a decrease in the efficiency of the LDA or a decline in the quality of services provided to the public.

Here are some of the concerns raised about the LDA reorganization:

  • The reorganization is seen as an attempt to favor certain ADGs.
  • The amalgamation of wings with different functions could lead to inefficiencies.
  • The decision-making process could be compromised with the Commissioner of Lahore also performing the duties of the DG.
  • The independence of wings could be compromised.

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