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How Do I Clear My Browser Cache On A Mac?

Tick the sites that you would like to delete, and click ‘Delete’ in the top right corner. David Nield is a tech journalist from the UK who has been writing about gadgets and apps since way before the iPhone and Twitter were invented. When he’s not busy doing that, he usually takes breaks from all things tech with long walks in the countryside. No matter how informed you may be, much of the internet and its workings remains elusive, and the risk of your data and accounts being compromised is always a reality.

  • This will ensure all of your browser history is deleted and not just your recent history.
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  • It is mainly popular because of its flexibility, advanced features, fast performance, and easy-to-use interface compare to Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, or Opera.
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In the early days of Mac, its default web browser wasn’t what you might expect. Surprisingly for all, Microsoft had struck a deal with Apple to ship Macs with Internet Explorer right out of the box. However, once the contract was done, Apple quickly released their own browser called Safari. Although junctions is a Windows built-in feature, but Windows natively doesn’t ship with an application to create junctions. You’ll need a third-party junction app available on Microsoft website.

Click the toolbar button to turn off Reader View when you finish. To exit Reader Mode, just click the Reader Mode icon in the address bar. You’ll notice the icon is blue when you’re using the feature and it shows Reader Mode on the left side of the address bar. Every time you realize that something is distracting you away from your work, remember to press the F11 key on your keyboard.

Browser History Privacy Concerns

She also shares useful tips and tricks that every Mac user should know. Google Chrome is one of the most popular cross-platform browsers in the world. However, you may need to uninstall Chrome for a variety of reasons, such as to solve a browser issue or to switch to a different browser such as Safari. In this article, we will explain how to uninstall Google Chrome on Mac safely and completely. Click “Edit” on the menu bar at the top of the desktop, then select “Copy” from the drop-down menu. Double-click the new “Default” folder to open it.

Looking For Additional Install Options?

Brave is available forWindows 64-bit,Windows 32-bit,macOS Intel,macOS Apple Silicon, andLinux. It can be downloaded for bothiOSandAndroidfrom the relevant app stores as well. On Linux distributions, support for 32-bit Intel processors ended in March 2016 although Chromium is still supported. As of Chrome version 26, Linux installations of the browser may be updated only on systems that support GCC v4.6 and GTK v2.24 or later.

Your old searches, passwords and favorite sites won’t be in Google’s memory anymore, so to speak, meaning you can start with a clean slate. Finally, browsers keep a “cache,” which contains local copies of graphics and other elements that your browser uses to load pages more quickly. If you head back to a site you’ve just visited, for example, the browser can draw site images from the cache rather than pulling them from the web again. The cache thus reduces the amount of data downloaded and speeds up the whole page-loading process. While it can provide snoops with a few hints about your browsing history, you need a certain amount of technical know-how to understand it properly. Chrome gives you a couple of options to clear your browsing history.

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