“Verdict: Housing Societies Outside Islamabad Barred from Using Federal Capital’s Name”

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In a recent update, the Islamabad High Court has ruled that housing societies established outside the metropolis cannot use the name of the federal capital.

On Friday, Chief Justice Arbab Muhammad Tahir of the IHC issued a directive, requiring these societies to rename their projects. The directive was in response to a petition against the cancellation of registration for these housing societies.

The court’s statement pointed out that many societies have included the term ‘Islamabad’ in their names. To clarify their geographical location within the Islamabad Capital Territory, the court ordered these societies to change their project names.

The court’s order stated, “Achieving the desired goal can be done by giving new names to the ongoing housing schemes/projects.”

This renaming effort aims to eliminate any confusion about the societies’ location within Islamabad’s territory.

Moreover, the court instructed the housing societies to cover the expenses of publishing notices in national and international newspapers through the registrar. These notices will stress that their housing projects are not within the Islamabad Capital Territory.

To ensure broad awareness, the court directed, “Enlarged copies of the advertisement should be visibly displayed both inside and outside the main registered and site offices of the Societies.”

The court’s ruling also encompasses an inquiry by the Registrar to determine if these societies have registered in Islamabad but launched projects in Punjab without acquiring land in the federal capital. This action could be an attempt to bypass the ban imposed in Punjab. The inquiry will particularly examine the timing of their registration in relation to the ban’s imposition in Punjab.

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