Common Land Disputes in Pakistan and Their Resolution

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It is a simple truth that possession of a belongings can cause masses of arguments among a consumer and a seller, a landlord and a tenant, or the neighbors, or even own circle of relatives members. Besides, there’s a substantial wide variety of believers shopping for the truth that they have got the proper to do what they need in or with their belongings. Since such is the scenario, they every now and then overlook that the encompassing houses are someway related and tormented by their conduct. Hence, it’s miles best herbal to have belongings disputes in such cases.

Inheritance and Will

This is the most common issue faced as most of the time the family has to go through some extra pain after the death of their loved one as it is a common practice to announce will verbally and this doesn’t have any value in court room and in legal documents. This can be resolved with a written Will. If there is a Will it will be written and clear who is the person responsible to manage and look after everything and this will further close door of many disputes to come and even this will be acceptable in court room.

Title of property

One of the biggest mistakes that are very common is that when someone buys a property for the first time in Pakistan, they think that after the complete payment this is now their piece of Land but according to Law it is still not their property because the Land belongs to the person titled owner in the documents. This can be resolved by being vigilant and by checking the originality of the documents and by consulting Lawyer and after the complete authentication and making sure there is no title fraud then go for the deal.

Ownership disputes of Property

Ownership disputes often rises when you share piece of land or business with anyone. The most common dispute is on maintenance and transfer and in future that leads to the share. There is always a big question on the ownership of that land. In order to resolve this kind of issue we need to understand that in these cases Will is void and if someone want to transfer their share or sell they are free to do it but if one of them passes away the liability or benefits automatically goes to the other one by law.

Tenancy issues

While all of us desire for our actual property dealings to finish smoothly, there are frequently conditions that could purpose a dispute. Some not unusual place tenancy problems stand up in 3 cases: rent renewal, protection and repair, and rent expiration. To offer a more surety in condo agreements, each events want to be at the identical page, earlier than the transaction is completed. However, tenants ought to be greater cautious and keep away from a few not unusual place errors in the course of condo agreements. These can be a little difficult as the court needs a solid evidence or tenancy contract. Rent agreement should be made clear and if the rent is increased or decreased it must be written that the landlord should tell at least 90 days prior and similarly in maintenance that minor repairs should be done by tenants and major structural repairs by Owners. A big issue comes when security is being paid and then at the end Landlord keeps it for maintenance. This should be written in agreement.

Damaged property

This is a very common issue that is being faced by people that when they are buying a property it is their own responsibility to check everything and most of the times when they buy a property after some time, they find some damped wall or infected area and many other issues. One can take this matter to court because this is a legal issue and you can’t do anything else about it.  

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